Ok, since there IS interest in it and it’s a fall oriented charm and not just Halloween, I’m going to hold it open for two weeks, which means I SHOULD get them by the end of October. Preorders end on October 8th. This will also be available as a subscriber exclusive wallpaper in October. (You will get a copy of the wallpaper as well, just specify the size you want.)

Each charm is roughly 1.5 inches in size. They will be printed on 1/16″ white acrylic and laser cut. For extra gloss and protection, all of the charms have a layer of lamination on top. Order quickly to get one. If there are no orders after the first couple of days and nobody posts that they’re wanting one, I may not order any. And the sooner I have enough to make the order, the sooner the order goes in.

Now for the scale of donation, since I’m offering options with these and they DO include shipping in the US, please add a dollar if shipping outside the US.

1.5 inch Charm
Just the charm (comes with a double ring for attaching to things.): $6
Keychain or Cellphone Strapped Charm: $7

Use the paypal or tally button to order, noting: Quinn Fall Charm! There will be a LIMITED number, so order fast. I need a dozen ordered before I can order them.