Wow. Darrik was the number one choice for most of the poll time, then Chatin managed to be the winner. 😀 So next month, it shall be Chatin as the subject for the charms and wallpaper and if ANYONE has any other ideas for items I could look into, please let me know what you’re interested in. I have no ideas.. well, I do, but not a lot of input on what I should offer. I can get a lot of items imprinted, like tote bags, mason jars for drinking out of, shirts, etc, but I need to pick items that others are interested in.

– Tiff

I can get a 12 oz mason jar with one imprint for $2.20 for 48 of them = $105.. that’s not bad at all, but the mason jar fit more with Darrik. 😉 For Chatin.. a coffee mug would be more appropriate.