Going through and making some fixes, like the Pawprints link and if I am able will put up an actual Sink or Swim image in the black box. 😀  I have a lot of comics and sites to do stuff to and am so behind after all the problems with my laptop.  Hopefully it can hold out another year.

I’m going to try to be a little more chatty here. 😉  Kim’s home for the summer. (School resumes in a little over a month. Fourth grade!  She’s so big… and they get ipads this year. 0.O  Kids today are so spoiled.  I say that while plotting to find her a PoP Vinyl Twilight Sparkle.)  Rob doesn’t work on Fridays, which pretty much leaves me M-Thursday of ability to work at about 50%.  I am EASILY distracted. 🙁 Plus I don’t like ignoring my daughter during vacation.  I have a lot on my slate.  Among those is more Campus Safari, Darius, Akaelae, Pawprints scripting, but I’ve been kinda ‘blank’ lately in that department.  I may just have too much on my plate at the moment.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m supposed to get all my teeth pulled and replaced with dentures. 🙁  You can brush all you like, but if you have tiny teeth, you’re going to cause your gums to recede. This is why you never see me smile right, if you’ve met me.  Did my best with what I have and am putting it off a bit until I can go to a different orthodontist, because I’m not sure if I really trust this ‘clinic’ over another provider.  I’ve heard enough horror stories I don’t want to take chances with anyone wrecking my mouth.  Going to have to do it soon, because the horror stories of people getting heart infections due to receding gum lines is frightening.

Comics are no longer updating on the main page unless they are the SoS Rewrite and Pawprints or random artwork.

I discovered I had misnamed two files with the wrong year (I thought it was 2014.. not sure why) and I FORGOT to upload a Redrawn page of SoS.  Oops.

This week’s updates:

Campus Safari – Monday

Sink or Swim – Wednesday

Sink or Swim Redrawn – Friday – HERE!

Also, funding has been secured through the end of August!  Any additional funds received via the site or the Indiegogo (I prefer the site itself using the paypal button, because I lose 4% via Indiegogo. 😀  You can still get the rewards if you ask for them), will go toward three things.  These three things.

  1. Wacom Pen – $40 – It works on my Note AND my laptop! I’ve worn through three stylus, despite my laptop’s issues. 😀 😀  Amazon Link
  2. Manga Studio EX 5 – Upgrade is $150 – JUST came out!  I actually have a trial version they contacted and gave me, which I assume will not be useable after I’ve had it for 30 days.  I love this program.  I do all my inking and toning in it and this version is even better than what I had before!  As a matter of fact, there are a few pages of work being inked in it until my time runs out.  I opened Sink or Swim in it. – Manga Studio Link for anyone who wants to see what it is.
  3. Yiynova 22/24? Forgot the size” – Unknown cost, I figure it’s going to be around $1,000.  If it’s more, I will likely just go with the 19″ one.  I have many friends pushing me to actually buy things that are not the cheapest available and to replace my aging laptop with a Surface Pro. 😀  I can’t justify spending as much for a digital screen as a new laptop. 😀  Luckily, the Surface Pro is 1. Overpriced, 2. Too small, and 3. First Gen, which deters me. Here’s a review of the 19″ one so you can see what I’m talking about!

Cyantian Chronicles Funding!

– Tiffany Ross, Have a Good Summer!!