So yesterday, I received an email out of the blue from someone who accused me of ruining their life a decade ago. 😀 It was full of profanity that I can’t post on my site, but I mentioned it elsewhere and one of my readers suggested that I use this to help with the quarterly funder and you know what, he had a great idea! So when I’m done with comic work, I’m going to draw a picture of this person and donators can then donate with a suggestion of things to do to him. 😀 😀 The first suggestion was a black eye. Stuff like that. Imagine, using a troll to raise money to SUPPORT the person he espouses so much hate for. 😀 😀 Since this guy’s insane enough to go around attacking people not pg enough for him with X rated language, I don’t particularly care what he thinks he can do to me, because he can’t do ANYTHING. He’s completely powerless, yet apparently, I am very powerful, since I RUINED HIS ENTIRE LIFE FOR OVER A DECADE while never giving him a second thought after he offended me. 😀 😀 So it’s going to happen.

On second thought, he doesn’t DESERVE the privilege to be drawn by me, so instead, I will draw Cilke with money raining down on her and a big banner that says: Thank you J. Jalecki! 😀 :D1

– Tiff