Yes, I know. I’m horribly late again. The next four updates will NOT be late. They’re already in the queue. We’re nearing the middle of the month and with the convention and the trip I’m about to take to Tennessee, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the updates. This is the last trip until September and the last of the delays most likely.

Usually by now, I’d be at or near the halfway point in donations (I basically am ending up using the money I earned from A-kon to pay for the trip to attend a wedding in Tennessee and don’t really count it in the monthly total.) This month, I’m running way behind. (It doesn’t help that LAST month I was also behind so it kind of builds up month to month.) IF I see $500 (preferably $750, but $500 would help muchly) I will put whatever comic that reaches that into the forefront of getting M-F updates in July. (Downloading from Wowio also helps immensly.. it’s because of Wowio that I’ve managed to get by this month as I used it to take care of some late bills, groceries and such. It’s just delayed by three months. :/)

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1. Darrik uncertainly: Hi…
2. Tira’s eyes wide: My name is tira, what’s yours?
3. Darrik’s eyes just as wide: Darrik. Thinking – She’s … white?!?