Several days in and as I’m typing this, the Darius Plush Indiegogo is at 12%!!  You can click here to check it out!   There are tiers that are not plush dolls, such as the wallpaper, mini prints, and art cards.  I have to limit what I offer so I don’t overwhelm myself.  Please, please, PLEASE, if you’re going to back it and help get them made, don’t wait until the last day. 😀  I fret and worry like crazy!!  I can’t get them made without help and getting them made will give me something really cute I can sell at conventions and I’ve learned, stuffed toys, sell WELL at pretty much all conventions!!  (And yes, we definitely need a big seller.  I have to get my teeth pulled and dentures made asap.)

The Cyantian Chronicles site is moving to Easel, which should increase the speed and functionality of it all.  I’m likely to stop updating the comics to the main page once it’s complete and hope that an image notification will work for letting people know what updated.  I have readers who don’t want to click buttons and I have readers who can’t understand why I update on two pages. 😛  I figure I’ll just direct all links to the comic archives themselves in the future and let people find their way to the home page from them.

– Tiff