I’m currently working on getting enough money together to pay for my table at Furry Fiesta.  At the moment, it’s one of the only two conventions I will be doing next year that is … if I can come up with the $125 by the end of this month.  I have several 4 x 6 watercolor pieces that I had intended to use toward gas and groceries, but this is a little more pressing.  They’re inked and I’m hoping to get to coloring them after my comic work today.  ( Moving the sites and then redesigning them so they weren’t messed up took a lot longer than I wanted it to take…  )  I have one of Darrik, Vincent and Darius.  Darrik’s kinda young holding a stuffed alligator.  Vincent’s sitting in a window looking out, like one of the first images I did of him … and Darius is painting on the walls as a cub with a ‘Don’t spank me, I love you.’ expression.  Yeah.. I’ve had that look from Kim.   First come, first serve, pay what you like as long as it’s over $25 (and include shipping to wherever you are).  (Yes, I also have those three commissions I need to get done inked and am in the process of coloring them… two are .. big.)

I really enjoy Furry Fiesta.  It’s well run and friendly .. and local! 😀

– Tiff