Akaelae Future

Since I need to make at least ONE blog post on each site, here’s the update on Akaelae. Akaelae as it is.. is complete in this archive. This is pretty much volume 1. It continues with Darius, which starts near the end of summer. I have to go back and look at where I am again. 😀

Akaelae WILL be continuing in black and white most likely in another archive. I have the next arc outlined, which will be taking place at the same time, timeline wise, as Darius. I really need to make a nice big timeline.’

– Tiff

5 thoughts on “Akaelae Future

  1. I love the way i turned out!

  2. craaaaaaaaaaappppp i hate cliffhangers what happend to silver and the other girl?

  3. cliffhanger D: D: 🙁

  4. what happened to silver? will she be saved?

  5. Yeah, Darius doesn’t even cover them getting back to Akaelae Towers, so there is definitely a portion of the story missing.

    It seems to me though that the story of what happens to Silver and Safiri would be a part of a different story.

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