This is Tvorsk, a non standard commission at 9 x 12 and 600 dpi. 🙂
This was a streaming piece I did a couple of weeks ago.
I will be streaming commission work this evening from 7 – 9 pm CST, maybe a little later. I will also be streaming at that time for the rest of the week and on and off during the day. I have to take breaks to rest my hand every now and then and walk around. For information about the streams, see here. To go directly to the stream, go here.

I am ALSO going to take some cameos for upcoming Darius chapters, basically, the last section that’s likely not going to show until early in 2012. I need several armored wolves/felines/etc to go in and do stuff. 😉 So I’m going to open it up to cameos. I may also put in some technicians in non combat roles.

Non speaking single cameo – $5
Non speaking multiple cameos across 3+ pages – $15
Speaking cameos, limited to a couple of panels – $ 25
And.. I’ll give up two cameos for the two troops accompanying Syrys, who will be speaking and participating. $50

– You might be injured, but your characters will not be killed, dismembered or blown up. Now, if you want to be one of Rama’s Foxes, random other cyantian non combat types involved, $10 flat. You might be captured or receive certain harm, but will not die… unless you want to. I might even allow a sympathetic fox character to have a speaking role for $20.

PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE DONATING!!! I need to make sure you’ll fit. 😀 Remember, there are not any white, silver or black foxes.