I haven’t received any responses, but I’ll ask again. At the moment, I’m assuming nobody who reads my comic is attending FF.

I am taking badge requests for Furry Fiesta right now and they are $30 for a full body up to 4″ by 6″, maybe a little taller if the name is to the side or separate. That’s for a full body badge. Waist up (includes tail and wings or whatnots) is $25 – for pickup at FF. If you want a digital badge, those are $25 for full bodies and can be produced at any size up to 8 x 5. But if you want something really intricate, (or larger) there will be extra charges! Just note me here for badges or any other art or items you want to make sure I have. I don’t have a large stock of things. You can specify what type of badge you want, cutout, square, bordered with pretty papers/designs on whatever paper I have matte, watercolor or marker paper and with whatever tools – copic or glimmering watercolor or regular watercolor. I’m open to cheaper single colored/shaded badges for $20.

You can email me from the contact section or note me on Furaffinity!