Just a little update on my daughter for those who often ask. She had a cardiology appointment on Thursday where they did her routine echocardiogram and another procedure I forget what is. Basically, they record her pulse rates through her body for a minute in one and the second she lays down and they look at the way the heart is working with a sonogram like machine. It was really clear this time. We could see everything and so could they.

They had hoped to get Kim in for another surgery around 10, she’s 8. But they can clearly see that her aortic valve (I think.. Checked a diagram and it looks like the right one) is not working properly. Only one flap of the valve is opening and the other one is stiff. They think it’s calcified. So they’re going to need to fix it.

At first, we thought we were going to end up going in for surgery sometime in April due to the urgency, but they came back and would like her to gain five pounds in the next four months so they can replace the valve without surgery. They’ll go in and do surgery through her veins. 😀 Really high tech and much less invasive than an actual surgery… and only involves an overnight stay.

So now, we’re looking at this happening in the summer, likely just after Kim’s birthday if she gets the four extra pounds on by then. I’ll likely be trying to raise some extra revenue right before her birthday to get her a Kindle Fire 2 to distract her. 😀 She loves tablets, but obviously isn’t going to have Daddy’s work ipad on a daily basis. Figure it’ll make a great all in one birthday present that she’ll appreciate. Not a concern. 😀

Following that.. I get to worry about a bill I have no choice in whether we have or not. :/ (Added note: I tend to expect the worse for these things, but we have pretty good insurance.)

– Tiff