Well, after some thought and knowing my husband’s paycheck is -$264 due to illness and taking Kim to doctor’s visits, I need to round up the difference plus some between now and the 15th of May.

What am I doing about it? First of all, I’m finishing up Arc 1 of the Drop-a-thon THIS MORNING and will be uploading the next three pages over the next three days. 😀 Then I’m going to finish Arc 2.

THEN, I’m going to hold an auction for a new ongoing inclusive story set in a slightly different setting called: The Artifact.
This will be a black and white story with the primary focus of each chapter being someone who ‘volunteers’ (wins the auction) to be either blessed or cursed by an object. Cameos will also be included and there will be tiers of add-ons, the first being a character sheet, second being printable portraits, etc of your character in color. Each story will be a minimum of 10 pages – but I’ll note that minimum means, that’s what you’ll be bidding on and anything I add to it is icing, depending on how the story decides to play out.

Comic will be black and white, as noted, and update at least once a week. I only promise sketches of the pages since somedays I sketch on paper.. some days I don’t… and when the notion hits me.. sometimes I like using other papers. 😀 When it’s done, it will be printed and a copy sent to the winner of the auction as well as copies available at cost + shipping.

I am doing this one differently, because as you saw, I got derailed by wanting to do MORE on the pages and not liking doing just FAST when I’m doing stuff with lots of other people. (Plus, some of you are hard to draw.) 😀

The other thing I’m going to do is as I’ve mentioned before: Future Cyantian comics will be in black and white, likely toned, with color chapter pages. Why? So I can DO MORE PAGES and it makes me happy to do them..and faster.. and more stories.. so people stop asking me when Sink or Swim is updating again. 😀

– Tiff