I’m almost done with the comics for this week, dragging along and just returned from grocery shopping where I was giving some real good thought to how I’m going to do this.

So, first of all, my central character is The Investigator – who is a female, most likely a red panda, but I’m not set on that. She’s moody and job focused with a taste for the finer things in life and a bit of craziness mixed in.
The second character is her sister, who is not quite as bright and likely to end up being the ‘muscle’. I haven’t fully thought out all of the details. (I’m considering either making her a twin or adopted, something the opposite of the Investigator.)
There will be a third, a third.. whose role will be auctioned off and likely change from time to time.

The setting, oh, I’m stealing a page from Dr. Who – they travel through time and space with limitless destinations and places of exploration. I haven’t fully decided how, but this is so I can easily fit a world to a character over trying to fit the character to my worlds.

And now that I’ve caught my breath, finishing up comic pages so I can lay out next week’s!

– Tiff