Star Pirates

It’s been awhile since the last time I mentioned Star Pirates, but I’ve still been checking back on the game on occasion and follow them on Twitter @Star Pirates. Due to just being incredibly busy, I had to scale back on even my casual game playing, but that’s about to change.

Star Pirates just celebrated its fourth anniversary on April 24th! I was amazed to see that I had actually created my account – ShivaeSyke – 3 years and 8 months ago! In that time, I’ve promoted it a few times. It was a nice game from the start, purely text based and undemanding of my time.
I logged in today, after several months away to find the text … has now been complimented with some images and small animations in all the right places! They’re not processor overwhelming flash graphics, which I’ve recently had problems with and that’s with a tablet pc that’s a year old that I run PHOTOSHOP on without any issues whatsoever.

The layout has been tweaked and navigation is even easier to understand than it was before and if you’re a new player, there are a lot of well placed informational graphics as you access each section from commanding your ship from the bridge to attacking other ships (like the pirate you should be)!
Don’t let my talk about attacking other ships scare you away. Yes, If you can attack other ships, you also can be attacked, but it’s not debilitating and typically the other players do not spend all their time going after low level players. Also, you can buy points to cloak yourself with or do a variety of other things. Unlike a lot of games, you can play free and not have a weakened gaming experience or buy the very affordable points and make use of them.

The last new thing I want to mention is the addition of Commissions . These are missions that offer some really nice rewards, like weapons, large amounts of experience, cargo, and likely a lot of other things you can use to modify your ship with that I can’t see at the moment!

If you’re a returning player, you also get these nice little reminders of how to play the game if you’ve forgotten any small details.

So I’m inviting y’all to come join me and play an easy to understand, yet complex game of Star Pirates. I’m playing so look for me!

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