Charm sketches! The ones in blue are the ones I’m likely to do. What do you think?

They’ll end up being 1.5″ charms for $6 each, which includes shipping worldwide.

A kickstarter is a pledge drive to earn enough money to fund a project. Nothing is charged unless the project is fully funded. This one will need to reach a goal of $350-$375 to cover the cost of getting the charms made, shipping and paypal/Kickstarter fees. I’ll make profit on everything after that.

6 thoughts on “Charms

  1. Wow, they’re all adorable. I like the one of Sheana glomping Darius the best, but I can’t tell whether he’s as uncomfortable as he normally is or whether he’s actually alright with it this time.

  2. I agree with FrozenShade. I also like the two with Quinn (I think they’re both her), the one in the center and upside down on the right. Nice work on all of them as well.
    *** Willysilver *** Raccoon is long time reader, first time poster ***
    (I have the Dr. Who Quinn pin, too.)

  3. I like em all! But I especially like the ones in blue, though I like the “Leaning Back Quinn” a little more than the “Upside Down Quinn”. Though that’s only by a small margin.

    I also like the “Sheana Glomping Darius” design and Kel’s “Manly Pose” pin.

    Oh, and I think if you reverse the Vin and Darius jumping back pins, it looks like Darius is jumping away from Celina and Vin is jumping to the side. 😀

  4. Celina. Going once, twice, gone.

  5. I do agree they are all adorable. But, um, where are Chatin & Cilke?

  6. ono

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