Hehe.. I opened a random part of the Campus Safari script and giggled insanely at Rad.

For those of you who did not catch earlier posts, Campus Safari is launching AGAIN – FROM THE BEGINNING!  (Don’t worry, this will not replace current canon, for the most part, but will contain it and add to it.)  I am writing this as though it is the first time with a real script, unlike the first time.

Comic is in black and white, for my sanity.  It will be updating three times a week.  I have several openings for real HUMAN cameos.

There is one little part for a human child (5 years or younger) – who is going to be having a scene with Rad.  This would be perfect for a real little kid. 😉  There is only one, and it’s $50.

The rest of the human cameos are for people to run around screaming, police and a drive through attendant.

Humans Running Away Cameos – $10 – One Panel – Limitless

Drivethrough Attendant – $25 – Multiple panels – One Slot – TAKEN!

Couple having dinner – (This is for two) $20 – One Panel – One Slot

Single Cop – $10 – One Panel – One Slot

Cops – $15 – Several Panels, but limited closeups – Four  Slots

Things I need:  Payment via however you choose.

Email to tiff dot ross at verizon dot net.  Must have a clear facial picture so I can do a good rendition.

This also helps me practice drawing real people. 😉  Later on, there will be fuzzy cameos, but these will be done before the end of the year.

– Tiff