Sites are mostly finished.  I didn’t update the looks on the comics that aren’t updated to save time, plus, they do look ok, just not as nice as these.  Eventually I’ll get to them.


Genoworks Saga has hundreds of pages scripted, woohoo!!
Campus Safari has 47 pages scripted, that’s enough for 5-6 months depending on if I upload a few extras.
Vincent and Filaire has 30 pages scripted. Vincent is likely to be gone for 1-2 years from the primary cast, but he’ll return and I have no problems with revealing that. You all KNOW he’s going to return. 🙂
Darius is in the outline phase. I tend to think about what I’m going to do until it’s ready to be put down on paper.
Akaelae is also in the outline phase. There’s no real hurry. There are a LOT of stories to tell.
Cesilee’s Diary is being scripted and drawn. – The first 8 page story has been submitted to Furrlough for publication in November. I don’t have confirmation on if it’s actually in there or not at this time. I assume it is. 😀 Working on the next 8 pages now.

Kim’s home this week, at day camp for the next two weeks.  School starts August 27th, which means most of July she will be here and in there… she is going to have TWO heart caths.  That’s a procedure where they put a little camera up a leg vein to look into the heart.  Amazing, huh?  Oh, but that the FIRST one.  The second one is where they’ll pull a heart valve through the vein and put it into her heart to replace the failing valve. 😀  Trust me, that’s a LOT better and easier than open heart surgery.  She should only be in the hospital for a few days as opposed to weeks.  We will be going in next Thursday to schedule that and likely find out the cost. 🙁  Being that it’s Children’s, it will likely not be charged up front, but we can’t choose NOT to do it.