Little note here. Due to my daughter’s upcoming surgery/procedure/whatever it is they’re going to do to her heart, there might be lapses in the M-F updates I have promised. You will get them. There just might be a MWF update week mixed in there. Next week may unfortunately be one of those. I’ve lost two days of work due to Kim’s MRI. 🙁 Yesterday we were at the hospital from 9:30 until 3:30pm, plus the hour plus trip back and forth. Originally… Kim was spending a few days at Grandparent’s house from Tuesday to Thursday. So on Monday, I made it a light work day of doing my Monthly refiling, backups and other dull things along with some inking. Took Kim to the park and was notified before noon: Children’s called! They have an opening for an MRI TOMORROW at 10:30 am instead of on August 17th, making it so it’d fit better in our insurance plan timeline. Our insurance rolls on September 1st, so she MUST be in procedures prior to then to take advantage of the amount we’d already paid on the deductible all year. 😀 Meaning, we pay less than we would if she goes in after the first, which is on a new plan, which we pay a little less for. Trying our absolute best to make things more comfortable for us and less of a monthly: Good grief, I have NO FOOD! situation that’s been going on every month since January. (I say I, because we have boxes and cans of food, but there’s not any meat and being diabetic, I need protein. 🙁 I can’t eat the pasta, rice, bready things. I get to go through that fun tonight as it is.)
So we got that done, but that means right now, I just finished penciling and will be inking, but might not be able to make it.

SO.. .REGULAR schedule in September will be Campus Safari – MONDAY, Genoworks Saga – WEDNESDAY and Cubs – FRIDAY. When the goal is reached, there will be one extra update of Campus Safari and Genoworks. Not two. For August, there will be daily updates for a total of four weeks of 7 days in a row updates. Even if it breaks up and drifts into September, you will get those four weeks of 7 days in a row, even if it drives me crazy. 😀 I will get it done. That’s why I’m trying to leave some cushion. I have NO idea what’s going to happen over the next few weeks in terms of what kind of surgery/procedure Kim is getting.

– Tiff