My mean husband texted me and told me the doctor called and it was time for Kim to have open heart surgery.

Actually, the doctor said her MRI results/pictures were the SAME as in 2009 and everything is ok and there is no need for a heart cath, a second heart cath OR open heart surgery. 😛 They’re going to up her meds and see if that helps her increased tiredness I’ve noticed lately.

So what does that mean? That means everything is so darn good! I only have a couple thousand dollars in medical bills to pay over who knows how much this time around. 😀 And yes, that is a good thing when Kim has already racked up 1.5 million dollars in bills. She has a stack of files that likely cannot be carried by hand anymore. I’ve seen a portion of them. 😀

I am so happy. And she will be as well once I tell her. 😀 Now to concentrate on cleaning up those new bills and starting on that house!

– Tiff