I’m going to go back to doing the monthly incentives since they’re so much easier to do using Kickstarter. I always felt bad when people would donate and I’d be a little short of what I needed to actually buy the incentive. I often ended up buying the item anyway – I did that quite often before I finally stopped doing them. I felt obligated to do so. This way, I may not get that money, but I also don’t feel obligated to purchase the actual item.

Now, can you guys give me some suggestions on what you’d like? I know that keychain/necklaces etc are not on your high list of wants. I have a LOT Of printing companies near me that do custom printing on shirts/bags, etc, but I need a good idea of what people would actually purchase. Buttons, bookmarks, metal charms, pens, stationary? Print collections themed after a specific character? Print story collections in a small size based on a specific character? A plush toy? I suspect that I will hear screaming for a Quinn plush over all others. Yes, I know there are Celina, Chatin and Cilke fans who would also be yelling, but Quinn is likely to win as just being the most likely to succede. 😀 While I’m about to do a plush toy Kickstarter for Alien Dice. It’s 9K to get 500 toys including taxes, shipping, fees, etc. If that one fails, I WILL try Quinn – why? Because I have a suspicion that it will be funded. That, however, is a LARGE goal and one I would only run once a year.
I will also be doing the print orders of future comics through Kickstarter, simply because it’s easier. That may not be the ‘purpose’ of it, but you know what.. it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to keep track of these projects and make sure everyone sees every update they need to see!
Please let me know what you like! (And who. IF anyone hasn’t noticed… I’m horrible with marketing products. 🙁 Too much inability to decide.)
– Tiff