I really need some feedback on products that readers would be interested in. I can’t just churn out piles of original art all the time, it’s hard on my hands. I’ve asked and with thousands of people reading, I get maybe one or two people who respond. 🙁 I have NO idea what to look into, because I personally don’t BUY anything that’s not necessary at the moment, not when I have a thousand dollars in car repairs (and I’m reaching a panic point on the car repairs, especially the brakes and timing belt. ) and thousands in medical bills I’ve got to get on top of. I need to know, if you go to conventions or buy things online, what do you generally LIKE to get? What are you interested in?

I’ve had such a poor response to prints, that I rarely even offer them anymore, mainly because my printer is not reliable and it’s expensive. Same for posters. People seem to like them and tell me they want to buy them, then they never do. 🙁

Tshirts? Bags? Tote bags? Grocery bags? Mugs? I really need input if I’m going to continue doing this.

Oh yeah, I’m considering a set of one inch buttons for next month. One of my goals is to get a good button machine so I can make a bunch of nifty things with them, including interchangeable lanyard thingies/pendants/stuff 😀 Plus.. buttons are CHEAP! $1 for a button. 😀 And they mail nicely.