As of today, the Kickstarter is at $1,027! That’s quite a bit over the initial $600 goal. The extra will be rolled into the monthly tally, likely rolling it a couple of months, minus $300. I’ll note that up front here. $300 is going into the ‘Pay Kim’s Medical Bills account’. So far, $400 is going to roll into the counter. From $1,000 to $1,300, it’s not going to count there, not that it really matters a lot, just that her bills are over and above our routine bill paying. :/ From $1,300 and on, rolling back into savings. If it actually DOES reach $1,500 – which will unlock the first chapter of Vincent and Filaire – I will be putting those earnings in for a Yiynova (it’s like a Cintiq, only affordable). My laptop that I do all the work on failed last week and turned itself off twice after overheating. I’m afraid the second time it may have taken on some damage. I’m unable to work on coloring in it as well as before and it has really slowed me down. It’s under WARRANTY! I bought that three year warranty for a reason. 😀 I had already intended to replace it with a Yiynova and a Samsung Note 10.1 in the fall when the warranty goes out. I suspect I need to send it in, but that will cause lots of misses of updates. 🙁 So going to think about what I need to do. In the meantime, the darn Yiynova’s keep selling out really fast every time they stock, so will need to JUMP when I have the opportunity.

– Tiff