Ok, I’ve been approached by a manufacturer about getting plush toys made at a smaller quantity than previously available, so the Kickstarters would not be INSANE.

So here’s the question for you: What do you think YOU would want?

I’m considering Darius or Quinn primarily for an 8 or 10 inch tall toy. Floppy. I’m ALSO considering Darius’ stuffed Shivae that he’s holding in the pawprints comic, Gryphon. Gryphon does not have wings. He’s dark blue/black with dark brown eyes and has a BRIGHT firery orange belly from the chin down! Gryphon, would by the way, be the start of likely numerous Shivae! related ones since I could reuse his same design. I’m leaning toward either Darius (because he is a solid color) or Gryphon (because he requires no clothing). Of course, I could just have Darius with nothing on. More likely, he’ll have his usual long, dark green or red vest and brown pants.

– Tiff