AS you can see, I’ve been busy here. Wibiya has changed how they do things and I’m considering removing the bar entirely. It was here for navigation purposes, which it doesn’t even show anymore. A counter isn’t necessary and a translator isn’t very effective when I don’t have dialogue in text under the comic. I suppose I should do that anyway.

I think I’m going to add a button for Weasyl, but not sure what other buttons to add.

To the left, I will be adding a bunch of buttons in that bar to the various different Cyantian comics, forum, etc. Big bar buttons, not the little ones. 😉

Removed the leaderboard and box ads. I will likely add a standalone PW ad below the tower ad on the right, just to make the page even out.

Next week, I’ll get to making new ads and also go through the tabs one at a time and making sure they are all pointing to the right place. I’m putting in 20 hours of work dedicated to Cyantia every week this month. The next phase will be going through the archives and making sure the primary pages ALL look like the primary cyantian page.

I’ll also be hitting all those overdue commissions and that dreadfully delayed winter wallpaper that is likely to drift into next winter. 😀 That will come once I complete the Kickstarter work and tonight, I will be streaming from 7pm CST to 9pm CST on Tigerdile. I’m inking the interior pages for Cyantian Chronicles #1’s extra pages. I’ll also likely be inking two pages on Saturday for my two overseas supporters earlier in the day.

– Tiff