Five days left on the Darius Plush and it has 5 days to go and is at 23% – so it’s time to sweeten the pot and put something on top of it.

First, I REALLY do want this to go through and it will be the only time I offer one by itself, since it would go better with a book.  I’m limited by a month time frame from when I got the quote to get them produced for the price quoted.  That’s why it was such a tight deadline, so if the goal is met, I will add an extra update for Campus Safari AND Sink or Swim up to 8 weeks this summer for EVERYONE.  I’ll also finish that little plush minicomic I started. 😀  There would be an update today.. which goes into…

SECOND.  I work on an HP TouchSmart TM2.  It’ll be three years old in November.  It has decided that it does not like working anymore and needs to be sent in to be repaired.  I got a three year warranty for a reason. At this moment.  I cannot stream anything from it.  It’s overheating and I’m assuming the fan is having problems.  (I keep a lap fan under it at all times.)  It runs 12+ hours a day, much of that in the past was using Adobe Photoshop which is CPU intensive.  I’m having a lot of little problems with getting work done as it is becoming increasingly slow.  I contacted support last time it went through this and we did lots of fixes that improved it for a little while, flashing the bios, reseating the dead battery, blowing air through it.  Now, I think it needs to be sent in and looked at. It’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, and they’ll erase the hard drive. 🙁  I don’t want to be without a work device, so that takes me to number …

THIRD.  The Yiynova MSP19U.  I HAD plans to get it in September or October and send my tablet in, but inability to work is dragging me behind.  The plush has to succeed.  I have enough to cover the extra.  I don’t have ANY plans to get a new tablet PC this year.  HP seems to no longer make the affordable ones and the Surface Pros are too dang expensive and I just can’t justify it when this one is under warranty and can last another couple of years with lighter use. 😀  Then I can start streaming more frequently again.

SO all I’m asking is, contribute $5 to the Indiegogo, not directly to me, because I can’t make the plush unless the Indiegogo is met – all funds will be returned if it doesn’t meet the goal.   ( I don’t want to promise anything more.  I already have a really stacked plate. 🙁

Thank you for reading all that!

– Tiff.