I’ll link to this post in a day or so. Today was just out of hand. I took my husband in for a dental visit and ended up being there for three of the four hours, not really knowing what was going on.
Right now, I have my Yiynova Tablet Monitor and am working on it. Campus Safari has been completed and SO has Sink or Swim for next week. Next, Next week, there will be a Filaire Pawprints arc added on Fridays. My tablet not working has put me in a financial bind. I was supposed to be DONE with the Indiegogo by now and on to this quarter’s regular goal of collecting grocery/medicine/site money. I will add to this once I am able to, but for now, the goal to take us through the end of the year is $900. My insulin is over $350. 😛 So I’m working on stretching that out with free samples from my doctor so I only have to pay it once every two months instead of monthly. This wasn’t as big of an issue last year, due to our flex card plan that would put ALL the money for the year into an account for us to draw from once a month. The new flex plan, SUCKS. It deposits a monthly amount and thus, there’s nothing in it right now and even if there was, it’s not enough to cover even ONE of my medications. 🙁 I’m not going to worry about that right now. I’m not going to worry about stuff. Right now, we need grocery money. I’ve pretty much given up on a lot of things, so on to only the priorities. Food, gas, meds and bills. So on to work! You can use the paypal button, my mailing address (Cash is awesome) and serve and I think amazon.com’s system to send to tiff dot ross at verizon dotdot net.

Tiffany Ross
4100 Morriss Rd #728
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– Tiff