Welcome to the new Cyantian.com!

I spent all day yesterday working on moving things over, sorting them, figuring out the best places for them and am not quite done.  Still tweaking a few things.  There are no longer subdomains.  This cuts my work down CONSIDERABLY from here on, plus everything is cohesive here.

I will be working on updating a few older sections, like, About, characters, etc over the next few days.  The site should be easier to navigate once you get used to it.  The thumbnail buttons on the left show the last update for comics currently update.  Once you pick a story to read from the dropdown, it’ll take you through the whole thing, although I DO have some more tweaking to do there in making new chapters for the old archives. They break when you get to the ends of some chapters and jump to another comic.

The top menu will be edited and refined later.  It wasn’t intended for where they are so they need some fixing/redoing. 😀

I’m currently checking into useful plugins.

– Tiff