I delay on these type of things for as long as I can, but I wanted to let y’all know about this now. I had an awesome patron over a year ago pledge to donate $400 a month until July 2015. Unfortunately, things change and he had let me in on life changes every few months. Some were good, then they got bad. Then he got a pay cut, which was the tipping point, so that ended suddenly last month. Stuff happens, I was grateful for the support! I was slowly ramping up Patreon to make up for it by July, now I need to push it more. I need it to hit at least $700 this month. Right now it’s just under $500.

For $1, you get early updates at the beginning of the week. Sunday.

For $3, you get the early updates AND an exclusive story update per week.

I will  begin updating Vincent and Filaire Chapter 2 on Patreon in a few weeks!

I have released Vincent Chapter 1 as a pdf download here and will be putting Vincent and Filaire Chapter 1 up soon as well!  This will be a $5 tier reward in the future to get them as part of Patreon.

Supporting right now is very important to us. Updates will still happen regardless. We’re just going to have a really tough time this month and next due to my husband running out of sick days prior to our daughter’s surgery.

– Tiff