New incentives for Patreon tiers!  Working my way up to $1,000 a month!  More than halfway there.  Please note that while there ARE two Patreons, I count them as one for goals.  We need the support so I work at my best!  My productivity has increased so much since beginning to use Patreon!

On to the second part, upcoming Kickstarter!

Very soon, as soon as the last book is laid out, I will be doing a large Kickstarter.  This run is all 6×9 black and white graphic novels for $10.  I chose Createspace because it has European offices to print and ship from, cutting out the insane shipping costs!

So far, this is what is lined up, each volume is 124+ pages for $10.

  1. Cyantian Chronicles v1 – Complete 124 pages anthology type collection of New Campus Saari, Genoworks , etc
  2. Cyantian Chronicles v2 – Half a dozen pages of wok to do. 124 pages
  3. Original Campus Safari v1 of 2- 170+ pages – Needs new covers and assembly
  4. Original Campus Safari v2 of 2- 170+ pages – Needs new covers and assembly
  5. Abby’s Agency v1 – Black and white comics

I’m noting future plans to occur this year in case you only want standalone volumes by series.

  1. Cyantian Chronicles #3 – Sink or Swim redrawng might hold it back.
  2. Genoworks Saga v1
  3. Sink or Swim v1
  4. Campus Safari #1

Color volumes

  1. Pawprints v1 – First priority
  2. Darius v1
  3. Akaelae #1
  4. Alien Dice #1