Those of you who missed out on the last Kickstarter, I have TWO sets of ALL four books here.  They are $50 for each set and will come with a charm of your choice along with a doodlesig of a character of your choice.  Shipping will be $25-$30 depending on where you live.  Next one I run, I will allow for 5 limited slots for international supporters so I can properly figure out the end goal without it hurting my total goal.  Once the goal is reached, I will open up more international tiers.

I’m opening this up since I could use grocery money this week and with all the preparing to move commotion, our finances are tight for September/October/November. 😀

Please COMMENT ON THIS POST or send me a message via email if you’re interested.  There are ONLY TWO.  Kickstarter Information on What You Get

Oh and if you just missed it and wanted to get the books from me, you can get them.


  • Tiff