I will be starting out 2016 on the right foot.  That is, everything should be updating on schedule and not choppy like it has been.  I still need to fix my work area, but that’s going to take awhile.  Moving to the desktop has improved things.

I had intended on doing a special art update for Christmas, but as you see, that didn’t happen.  The funeral and drive to Waco kinda took some time.  It was a nice little funeral.  Everything is going well.  Right now, waiting for Swaggerdile, the alternative to Patreon to go up.  It’s better organized for reading the older updates in sequence and other better things.  I will still use Patreon, but I’ve kind of soured on them because it is so difficult to go through posts and they are slow to update.  The fact that they only promote those who make thousands of dollars already is also rather annoying and calling them ‘new’ when they’ve been there for over a year.

January is often my worst month and the ad revenue has tanked to half of half.  In the new year, I will be removing most of the ads, as mentioned before, along with getting the layout fixed.  The changes to Easel have messed up some things.  Now would be a great time to sign up for Patreon!  (Until Swaggerdile is out in maybe February!)  All funds go toward groceries, gas, and the upcoming things I need to fix my work area.  A new bookcase, some Kallax 4 x 4s from Ikea, and a tabletop to begin with making my custom desk.  Next on my list is purchasing a desktop so I don’t have to continue using the old family desktop that other people would also like to use.  That’s all the funding goes toward.  Nothing fun or unnecessary, although I have seen it proven that noting that as opposed to telling everyone I’m going to throw a huge party every month with alcohol and drugs doesn’t get as much funding. 😀  I’m just far more interested in eating and working than drinking and partying.

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