This is just a note that I am exploring chat/forum type software that integrates into my sites better.  I intend to abandon Twitter soon due to their bizarre direction.  I want to find something that I can use on all of my sites at once so I can monitor and be more involved.  I know the forum has largely been abandoned.  I didn’t have time to take care of it myself and it’s difficult for me to monitor all the sites I need to. :/  I try, but it just never works.

I’ve been using Twitter as a motivational/progress report tool to keep my on task.  It’s been very helpful to me for that purpose.  It’s been nice to just pop in and make a post with my work for the day and track myself.  While other idiot moves Twitter is making don’t affect me, they leave a sour taste in my mouth, it’s the reordering of tweets that’s going to mess with my head.  It’s bad enough that Facebook does this.  That’s why you rarely see me post any real updates to FB.  I restrict it to my family so I don’t lose things.

Now, Chatwee was a good try, but when I installed it, didn’t realize it had a 5 person limit and it costs $20 a month to lift that. 😀  I’d pay $5 – $10, but not $20. So looking at other options.

  • Tiffany Ross