Introducing Swaggerdile!

Fixed Swaggerdile link!

Swaggerdile is a service created by the creators of Tigerdile, the site I use for streaming.  They’re a small friendly group and they’ve created the start of a fantastic service.

Now would be a good time to try it for a few days for a fraction of the monthly cost.  Swaggerdile, unlike Patreon, charges a prorated amount each month to make SURE that access is paid for.  There are many horror stories of people going into Patreon and unsubscribing right before the initial pay period after they’ve accessed everything they want.

The comics are sitting in nice folders for you to read them all together rather than digging through Patreon’s many badly arranged posts.

Now, the only drawback is it still has a few minor bugs and I do not have everything uploaded yet.  I have all the extra premium comics up, but not all of the comic archives.  If you find a bug, please report it so it can be fixed!

The tiers are low on purpose.  Most of you know I don’t like pay walls, but some of these things like the exclusive content are meant for print so I don’t want them all over the place, but I like people to see them!

I will continue using  BOTH Patreon and Swaggerdile

Check out Swaggerdile, I apologize for not having a nice pretty entry page yet!  It’s still new!

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