I hit the goal to remove the ad, then lost the goal a month later, but didn’t have time to put the ad back. :/ Right now, $50 short of removing it again and we really need that revenue. I took a $100 hit when I removed the leaderboard. That’s a large chunk of grocery funds.

I do prefer it if I earn my paycheck via Patreon or Swaggerdile! I recommend Swaggerdile over Patreon, because you can also read the comics easier and I’ve been uploading the archives as well so you can read them ad free. I will be adding a goal that will make all of the content available to everyone once that goal is reached. This morning, I also broke down and set up a WePay account for Kim’s remaining medical bills. I prefer taking it out of my Patreon/Swaggerdile earnings, but that’s just not possible until it hits $1,000 a month.

I hate the ads. I hate using a wepay account. But it’s more important to get those things taken care of.

– Tiff