If you enjoy the comics, please support them through Patreon or Swaggerdile! This month, all early updates will be going up on Patreon for free on Sundays to see if that can boost it over $1,000. (Note that I had a glitch with my uploading and forgot to upload comics so this month is going to be a tiny bit off.) The premium comics will remain reachable at a $3 tier unless the $1k goal is reached. If it is reached, I will open them up to those contributing $1 a month on both Patreon and Swaggerdile. I recommend Swaggerdile for easier reading since I won’t be going back through hundreds of posts and redoing them.

Next week is my daughter, Kimberly’s birthday! She will be 13! Yes, she’s a teenager now, although she’s been attitudey for a year. 😀 She’s getting her gift this fall. Normally I’d just say send birthday wishes or journals, because she loves writing and books, but I still need to get the new post box. We’d all really like it if you’d check the link below for the WePay account. Right now, it’s at 0. Trying to get funds in there to pay her monthly medical bills while trying to get Swaggerdile/Patreon up to where it can come out of there.

Right now, I’m thankful we have a winco nearby where we can get by on $20-$50 a week for groceries. 😀

I do prefer it if I earn my paycheck via Patreon or Swaggerdile! I recommend Swaggerdile over Patreon, because you can also read the comics easier and I’ve been uploading the archives as well so you can read them ad free. I will be adding a goal that will make all of the content available to everyone once that goal is reached. This morning, I also broke down and set up a YouCaring account for Kim’s remaining medical bills. I prefer taking it out of my Patreon/Swaggerdile earnings, but that’s just not possible until it hits $1,000 a month.

I hate the ads. I hate using Youcaring. But it’s more important to get those things taken care of than how much I hate using them.

– Tiff