Shivae Studios is supported by readers like you via  Swaggerdile and Patreon are great ways to support!  Swaggerdile offers archives of ad free viewing plus some bonus comics for those subscribing at $3 a month.

If you don’t want to use those sites, I have a wishlist on Amazon and need a couple of inexpensive things, like.. paper I can’t find here.  It’s the Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover paper.  I’m going to begin hand inking comics again.  The other items I need are any multiliners, for more inking.

Amazon Wishlist

There’s also the paypal button for a one time donation or…Kim’s Empty WePay Account. I don’t do a good job of promoting it and we owe around $6,000 to various doctors and hospitals. 🙁

Best of all, support keeps ME healthy and fed, because I do not have health insurance, and require a diet high in fresh foods.

  • Tiff, posting now, because she’s likely to forget in the next week.