10/26 Update:  As of this morning I’m thanking Leah, Susan, James, and Mojca for $165 in donations to Kim’s fund!  That brings the needed amount down to $1,353.49!  I know there are a few that are going to come by mail and I’ll check my box on Friday. 🙂

Yes, I know Christmas is months from now. I’m not trying to rush it! I just received an offer from Children’s Medical Center to pay off one of Kim’s old medical debts for half of what is owed. I have 20 days to get the funds together. This would wipe out a third of our medical debt in one transaction. We owe them $3,586.96. (There’s another thousand owed that’s more recent and has been paid on.) They’re willing to accept 1,793.49 if it’s done all at once. Obviously. I don’t have that. I have $275 sitting in Kim’s account, which I’ve been holding onto because it wasn’t enough to pay off anything. So with that, I need $1,518.49 and we can take care of it… by November 12th/13th.

If you want to help out, my mailing address is

Tiffany Ross

P.O. Box 270274

Flower Mound, TX 75027-0274

Checks need to be made out to Kimberly Ross, but address the envelope to me or c/o. They go into her medical account. This is the best way since no fees are taken out (Outside the US, banks need to be US based or they fee you to death), otherwise, you can use her paypal account: shivae dot syke atatat gmail dot com. We appreciate any assistance, since we are making minimal headway on our own at the moment.

If I don’t have enough, it will sit in Kim’s account until they offer it again/I’ll call and see if they’ll honor it if it takes a bit longer since it’s better for them to get it than wait for us to pay them $50 a month … forever. – Tiff