Just a quick note to say that Campus Safari and Darius will not be updating this week.  Campus Safari just needed toning, Darius needs inks and coloring. :/  They did not get completed due to Thursday’s chaos.  For those that don’t know, we had to put our dog, Vash, to sleep on Thursday at the emergency vet.  They suspect he had a malignant tumor burst on his spleen that filled his abdomen with fluid.  He was happy and we thought healthy up to that point.  It was 12 hours from perfectly fine to putting him to sleep.  This time, I got to hold my pet as he went.  Still broken up about it, but should be back on schedule next week.  I’d definitely rather be paying off the emergency vet fee than have woke up in the morning with my dog dead and having wondered what happened.  Of course, I’d also rather have my corgi back.  I’ve had to type this about four times in the last twenty minutes…. now upset all over again. – Tiff