I’m going to be another year older, hurray. 😀  I don’t really mind, just means another year of doing what I enjoy.  Sadly, this month is a month of extreme busyness. I have relatives visiting, spring break, and a convention, along with finishing the mailing of my last Kickstarter so I can kick off another one.  March is too full and I know it and I am not going to stress myself out over it.  I’m moving forward as quickly as I can.  I find out in the middle of March if I’m going to be doing A-kon this year in the Artist Alley.  And this year, I also need to earn some additional money to pay unexpected taxes – unexpected, because hubby got a raise that bumped us into paying more than we expected.  Not too much more thankfully, but they should really phase those tax breaks out gradually rather than remove them all at once. 😛

Normally, I would ask for the same thing I always ask for, putting money into my daughter’s medical account to pay off her big pile of medical debt.  It’s not quite as big as it was and there’s something more important I can ask for.  I need to be earning $170 more a month via Swaggerdile and Patreon.  Those accounts contain extra work and if you sign up for the primary Patreon, you get access to Swaggerdile through it if you’re more comfortable that way.  Swaggerdile is better than Patreon IMHO, simply because you can easily read the back archives of the Patreon/Swaggerdile only work without having to dig through thousands of posts on Patreon.

All I need is to be earning $1,000 a month.  A chunk of that goes to taxes, the rest covers gas, groceries, supplies, and medical bills.  A few dollars a month from a number of people goes a LONG way.  I have lots of $1 patrons.  $3 gets you access to the Patreon only works.

Thank you for your support for these many years… wow, it’s been a LOT of them and I hope I have a lot more to come!

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