This week’s poll is a simple yes or no. Does Darius get to KEEP Curatrix or not? I’m going to let YOU decide and will begin scripting soon.

As for the Kiet story poll, it was overwhelmingly YES and I began outlining the comic a couple of days into the poll. Not only did I outline it, but it is so much fun to write that I am on chapter 8. Each chapter is 15 pages long. This segment should be around 12 or 13 chapters, depending on what happens in the next segment. The first two arcs are pieces of Cyantia I have never shown before and because there are no Akaelaes involved and the prince of the Fox empire is not a welcome guest, these stories go in ways that are VERY different from my standard stories.

Oh and a new character invited herself along and I love her. She just came out of nowhere and asked to come along.