I took a little bit of time to figure out a problem with Genoworks Saga and had forgotten that it is split into two parts, Book 1 and Book 2.  This is now noted in the NEWLY updated About/Reading Order Page.  I went in and also updated all the landing page links that haven’t been updated since the move.  I also made sure that all of the Random Ramblings stories are now in the right place and lead one into the other, however, because I didn’t delete the initial comics at a different layout – they are duplicated in the archive.

If you find navigation being weird or missing comics, please let me know, as usual, but just commenting on a page next to missing ones.

I will note this again:  If I ever have to move my sites – old comics will likely disappear and everything will not be moved, simply because it’s a massive undertaking and it’s a mess… and they’re available in print.  There’s so much content that it would take a long time to go through and at some point, I do need to streamline the site.  There are almost 20 years of comics here!  Through five or six different content managers. 😀  It’s unwieldy and a headache I don’t want .. someday. 😀  However, I’m not just going to remove them and will keep plugging around in them when errors are found.

Now, I’m going to spend the evening inking as fast as I can.

  • Tiff