Since navigation is a constant issue and my only choices are: 1. Create a different wordpress install for each story (RAGE: DO NOT WANT! I CAN BARELY KEEP UP WITH THE ONES I HAVE! πŸ™ ) or 2. I DELETE all of my story chapter info and make all the comics dump by date into the primary story name/book name and let you guys navigate using the handy dropdown navigator to jump around.

Yeah. I’m doing number 2. I’m getting rid of my careful organization to be more organized. πŸ™ Easel just doesn’t do things intuitively the way I want it to. I would LOVE to have the main page navigate by date and separate subsections that navigate by date and story, but nooooo, WordPress can’t do that.

I’m also gearing up to delete some old comic archives, like all of the original Campus Safari and things that have ended entirely. I have kept them up for two decades. πŸ˜€ There’s a problem with that. Stuff just seems to go wrong and vanish here and there and tracking them down through literally thousands of files and pages is not realistic. Those comics are available in book form and pdfs. There are just sooo many files that it becomes weighty for me to deal with when I would much rather be creating things. I’ve put it off for a long time, so in 2020, they may finally be deleted. That’s plenty of time for you to download them for free if you want.

Given how long I kept that up, I’m not going to be randomly deleting whole stories without some warning and I really don’t want to delete them at all. πŸ˜€ The websites just make me tired when something goes wrong and there is so much content on them. πŸ™ – Tiff