A bit late in the month, but if you enjoy my work, consider supporting via Patreon or Ko-fi or getting a commission! There’s also other ways to support via the print books on Amazon and the wish list! We appreciate all support since it keeps the comics coming and other things in the works!

Right now, I’m running a $200 deficit, which I’ve had for several months due to a Patron’s job ending and I know it won’t return for awhile, because I gave them a large credit to cover the gap so Draco Vulpes could continue for awhile longer. It only took about four months for it to catch up to us in the grocery department and eat through our stockpile. Thus, I AM open for commissions and I am streaming on twitch from 5:30pm to around 8pm CST on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday for the foreseeable future.

Currently, we are working on getting the family computer rebuilt after it failed so the family can stop using my work computer as a temporary family computer. My husband has taken on a second job to help with that and a few other things that need to be done… like our falling apart shed and the water heater (which our plumber neighbor just told us to use it as long as we can.. it’s like… 15 years old. :D) We also have an impending need to replace our AC which we learned was cobbled together with also ancient parts that are way too big for our house and waste a lot of electricity, so we have a lot of house stuff we need to address over the upcoming years.

When the computer is fixed, I will be able to stream more frequently again. I will be signing back up to Tigerdile when that happens. I want to support small business and that’s one I really enjoy. Right now, the desk setup is messed up to a point that it’s not… ergonomically correct for me to work for long periods of time at my tablet monitor, which at 6+ years old is going to be another project to replace this year. I’ve complained about it, but keep FIXING the stupid thing, even though I don’t want to! 😀

Shivae.net is a bit messed up or this would be posted there. I’m going to figure out what’s causing all my edit/new screens to pop up blank. :/ I can’t edit anything on the site!

Welp, that’s it. I’m looking forward to a very happy, productive 2019!

  • Tiff