THIS time, I’m getting the note up early in the month, next time, let’s strive for the third. 😀

If you enjoy my work, consider supporting via Patreon or Ko-fi or getting a commission! There’s also other ways to support via the print books on Amazon and the wish list! We appreciate all support since it keeps the comics coming and other things in the works!

I stream on Twitch  (Which I see was the wrong link last week) and will be turning on my Tigerdile account again as soon as the family computer is repaired. Husband has a second job he’s doing to work on that. It’s going to be repaired next weekend!

I stream from roughly 6pm CST to 9pm CST on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Support primarily goes to gas, groceries and bills, although I’m trying to scrounge up $15 to take family to go watch the Lego Movie 2 on Saturday.

I’m running a $200 deficit every month, which over time has become more and more of a hit to us with each month. My goal is to get my Patreon/Ko-Fi to $800. Every dollar counts so much!

Husband is working on the funds for important household stuff like replacing the water heater, fixing our shed,… and the even more cringeworthy…. AC/Heater replacement. We were told it was cobbled together out of parts far too big for our house and… uhh.. old. I’m awaiting the horror of our AC repair company’s quote for this year and hoping that it’s not too outrageous to force us to have to get it done faster. 🙁

MY job is making sure we eat and drive. This year, I’m hoping to replace my 6+ year old tablet monitor. It keeps doing things that almost kill it… then I fix it. 😀 I’m not sure how I’ve managed, but I still need it!

I am still touching my sites trying to work up to fixing things and have fixed a few things. is a bit messed up or this would be posted there. I’m going to figure out what’s causing all my edit/new screens to pop up blank. :/ I can’t edit anything on the site!

Welp, that’s it. I hope everyone has a good February!

  • Tiff