I hope everyone is having a good summer! We’re having a tolerable one. šŸ˜€ I am going to open up for commissions again SOON! You can check my commission page here for details! There are also details there for the TMNT art prints I will be doing soon in exchange for IDWs volumes on Comixology. $10 and you get to choose the subject and they will be full body prints. I really want these books to study panel layouts and such as well as to enjoy a good story. Already halfway through the first volume. The offer ends on Sunday.

And since I’m so bad at this, I’m looking into another replacement for Patreon, but you can still use Patreon and Ko-Fi to support my work and keep the updates coming!

Our water heater went out before we were ready since we had to replace out falling down shed. Not a week after the shed was ordered, the water heater just WENT with a hissing sound and lots of water everywhere. We’re lucky to have a neighbor who is a plumber who dropped everything to come in and replace it and then let us pay it out monthly. We’ll have it paid off by October, however, that additional monthly payment took out a huge chunk of our budget and while I reclaimed $200 a month, suddenly I’m negative $250 a month. šŸ˜€ OCTOBER WILL BE BETTER!

  • Tiff