I have begun writing the story and you can find samples in Discord!

So far, I’ve ordered everything except the CPU.  Price fluctuations caused the amount I raised to not be enough.  Price jumped way high after the sales period I posted this in. 🙁

Welp, I am in the writing mood and have been for awhile, because it’s FASTER than comics and when I’m stressed, it seems like writing is a lot easier.  Various disasters in November have me in the hole by $700 after eating all my funds for the upgrade.  So here is the plan!  I need to earn $500 ASAP so I can get the parts to upgrade my desktop into something I can actually use.  Part list here.  This is what I’m after.  (Case has been purchased and removed.)

NOW, how to get it.  I’ll write a minimum 25,000 word story featuring two characters and a theme if the $500 goal is reached. There will still be a short story if it’s not, it just won’t be as long.  You get to choose the two characters, one male, one female, and the theme.  So you make three choices.  ONE from each list.  Donate to the Ko-fi or paypal link and note your choices.  $1 = 1 point. (Tallies will be updated here too!)  At the end of two weeks, I will tally up the points and begin writing.  The story will be posted here for all to read in its first draft form.

This Vote ends on December 8th when I get up!

Goal: $500

Total amount Raised: $500  – Goal met, but the prices went up so am waiting for them to hopefully drop again soon!

Male Character

  • Darius – 392
  • Syrys – 0
  • Vincent – 0
  • Kel – 0
  • Darrik – 0
  • Lucian – 108


Female Character

  • Sheana – 0
  • Delia (That girl wolf who likes Syrys) – 0
  • Celina – 362
  • Brynn – 0
  • Silver – 30
  • Tira – 108


  • Lost – 0
  • Love – 362
  • Shipwreck – 138
  • Mission – 0
  • Miscommunication – 0
  • Resolution Day (Christmas) – 0
  • Resolution Day (Thanksgiving) – 0
  • Suggested Theme added here – 0