Campus Safari Chapter 17 04

Go me.  The work was done and I forgot to upload it. :D

8 thoughts on “Campus Safari Chapter 17 04

  1. Oh dear~

    1. I wouldn’t worry yet. I think it’s more reacting to the idea of Quinn keeping her. If the child doesn’t go back to her proper home, then no one gets to keep her but her.

      We’ll see if I’m right or not.

      1. Probably 🙂

  2. So, there are two main options here.
    a) Secretly bringing her back to their parents without anybody noticing it.
    b) Quinn brings the parents over to give the child back including excuse and explanaition in a controlled space. Then bring all three back to their home.
    I think option a) will be the one. But option b) would be interesting too.

    1. They’re just going to take her home, ring the doorbell, then split and make sure the parents get her. 😀

  3. Silowyi Dracotiri

    My mouth looks so big in this strip… lol. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t defeat Quinn in a straight up fight, at least not in this world’s continuity 🙂 Better stand down.

  4. Wow! Look who’s being responsible! 🙂

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