Chapter 7 08

2 thoughts on “Chapter 7 08

  1. “They’re wearing clothes, and that makes them adorable!”

    “I know, right?! That one’s even sticking her tongue out while she sleeps just like my puppy does!”

    “Quick! Upload the photos to the “Cute of the day” site! We might make front page cuteness here!”

    “But first, poke em with a stick. I’ll bet they’re cute when they’re poked!”

    Also, I can’t be the only person who views “poke it with a stick” as a bad plan in most situations. The better plan is “Poke it with a really long stick!”, and the worst plan is “Walk up to it and poke it with a finger.”

  2. Took three months to get back to these two xD
    For a long moment I thought some letters had ran away.

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