Akaelae #7 has JUST been completed and contains four extra pieces of artwork, one by Cindy Ramey, one by Flowerlark, two by me. I commissioned the cover from Lady Cybercat and I’m VERY happy with it. 🙂 It’s just so … Lucian. You can view more of her artwork and comment directly to her on this image via her Deviantart site.

This book ALMOST takes me to current with what I’m updating!

I’m also almost done with the FIRST Akaelae graphic novel sized book and am considering doing two versions. One: The nice large comic book sized one, 7 x 10.5 in full color.. which will cost probably $20-$25 (For 150 pages) … and a second much cheaper one that will be in black and white, but manga/digest sized and hopefully run around $10. If I had enough interest, I could probably get a LOT of the larger sized ones made and they’d run $12 – $15, but as I said… I’d need a lot of interest… as in enough interest to sell 400 preorders to pay for it.