01/06/2010 (13 Comments)

13 thoughts on “01/06/2010 (13 Comments)

  1. Lucky he didn’t know that earlier!!

  2. That’s just more trouble waiting to happen.

  3. Dashed hopes in 3… 2… 1…

  4. Yeah that “well” is about to be followed by a line he isn’t going to want to hear.

  5. darrik seems to be a magnet for trouble

  6. Umm… where, on Earth? The portal could lead anywhere.

    1. Hopefully somewhere pleasant…and away from the MIB.

  7. He’ll cause a panic if he turns up at home as a gold fox!

  8. The Earth is doomed, Silver has arrived.

    Where is my life insurance policy?

  9. Aw I thought it was gonna lead somewhere cool. Earth though? Interesting when you add anthros. Okay, more like dangerous. Stick to being fur suits guys!

  10. I’m guessing the cut off words in the last strip were ‘landed on earth’

  11. Well…except for the fact that the gate is now buried under about a million tons of rock and is probably reduced to gravel. But other than that – good news!

  12. oooh, interested to see how this one goes 🙂

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